Aloha is many things as rooted in Hawaiian culture. Much more than a word, it offers an energy that illuminates beauty, balance, and bonding. Aloha is used here in it’s totality and in honoring of all indigenous people as a reminder to always malama self first because its only from a pono, aligned, upright, healthy, and nourished inner landscape that we can share and offer our unique brilliance, love, joy, generosity, and aloha with others. 

Born with lineage from the Blackfeet Nation and hearing the call of Tutu Pele in grade school I knew I’d find my people amongst the Hawaiians and even Blackfeet in Hawaii. Before I could comprehend it, I felt the beckoning of Great Spirit as it coursed through my veins, inspiring me to dance! For over three decades of curious study and enthusiastic research, I have had a knowing that this would lead to big sharing and the seed from which I could offer my ‘medicine’ to the world. 

The First People had it right in their values, rituals, and way of living. From early on and before I was consciously aware my life was devoted to the self-mastery, deep transformation, empowerment and living the best life experience possible. I am no master, I am not perfect, I am only human with a passionate conviction to grow, learn, share, teach and dance. 

We are all in this human experience together so I respectfully and humbly offer my expertise, experience, passion, devotion and my love of growth and movement through the Aloha Factor programs as a way for you to reclaim optimum health of body, mind and spirit. It is my hope you’ll take your healing, transformation, and aloha out into the world and share the magnificence that only YOU can. Together we can Transform. Collectively, we can share aloha and light into the universe.  

Kachina 🌺


aloha factor


By harnessing ancient wisdom, we guide transformation from the inside-out through mindfulness, sacred movement, and balance.


Together let’s spread a little aloha around the world.



A= awareness & acceptance

L= love

O= ohana (family-unity conscouness)

H= healing

A= alignmentpiritual or divine power