There is nothing more powerful than a like minded community, supporting one another’s desires, reminding each other of their greater potential and truth while holding the other accountable for living their juiciest, most passion-filled, purpose-driven life.



Reconnect to your primal self, your essence, your divine… boundless, free of self judgement, the WILD you… unapologetic in the way a baby is unapologetic when chewing on her toes:

  • 4 directions + 4 animals + 5 elements (the Hawaiian way) 

  • Navigating through each direction and its correspondences and feeling the interconnectedness of ‘we are one’ by experiencing each element and animal within.

  • Guided through specific movement and open for creative interpretation weaving through the circle. This dance experience is as invigorating and energetic as students choose. 

Expect to:

  • Begin and end with breathe work,

  • Dance and move the body while standing,

  • Deepen your inner connection with yourself and to all our relations,

  • Feel joy, love and be in right relation with others. 


INbodiment ®️ CLASS

INbodiment is a movement modality giving students fitness for body, mind and spirit wrapped up in one class.

Practice to achieve the physical curves, strength, flexibility while ‘ano ano the seed’ for aligned intentions in life.



JUMP start your fitness rituals to be fun, sexy, and effective - improving the way you look AND feel. 9 week program includes:

  • Feminine Factor Assessment  

  • 9- Feminine Embodiment Sessions 1p/wk 

  • Customized Goddess Meditation Recording 1- 

  • Follow up Session

Kachina raises the vibration, creates a refreshing pattern interrupt and goes deep promoting transformation. She facilitates a connect to the very root, teaching us how to live as our People once did - Healing the divine marriage within of Shiva Shakti.
— David Ji